• Yogurt and blueberry tart

    tartaleta _yogur_arandano


    Ingredients (8 diners)

    • 400cc decrema
    • 4blueberry yogurt or fruit woods
    • 4 tablespoon of sugar
    • 7 lamina degelatina

    To the base:

    • 1 package degalleta champagne
    • 100 gr dand butter

    For coverage:

    • 1 bottle of cranberry in syrup
    • 2 lamina degelatina


    1. First of all put the sheet of gelatine soaking in water, chop Cookies will mix with butter, and put the base.
    2. In a springform pan lined oven paper, the fridge enfríe, while putting in a saucepan heat the cream and yoghurt without letting boil.
    3. We are putting the sheet one by one until the 7 mix well and we need to devote ourselves to the base, a la nevera what curdle.
    4. We heat the blueberries and mix with 2 remaining gelatin sheets to cool before carefully put over to the fridge and you're left stand few hours until curdle.
  • Soft foam and hazelnut cranberry


    Ingredients (8 diners)

    • 6 whites egg
    • 3 tablespoons fructose or sugar
    • 150 grs. fresh blueberries
    • 100 grs. of hazelnuts you crushed


    1. Beatwhites until meringue and go slowly adding the sweetener used. Book.
    2. Mash upblueberries and Necklace for fruit juice. Book for some decorate.
    3. Add this juice to merengue with movementsenvelopes and carefully so that the whites do not get.
    4. Coloring in cups and decorate a. Put in the fridge for at least four hours.


  • Blueberry milkshake



    Ingredients (2 diners)

    • 1 dearándanos clean cup
    • 1/2 litro deyogurt bebible (of Vanilla o frutilla)
    • 2 tbsp. demiel
    • crushed ice



    Place all ingredients in blender, operate until cranberries dispose, If desired before serving Necklace.